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Annual Research Poster Night Competition

The competition winners from left to right: Daniel Rutstrom, Xuesong Fan, Pengcheng Zhu, Michael Broud, Alex Greenhalgh, Jake Johnson & Reed Bishofberger

The UT Center for Materials Processing and the Oak Ridge Chapter of ASM sponsored their annual research poster competition on February 10, 2022 in the Institute for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing.  About 30 graduate students and 20 undergraduate researchers submitted posters to the competition.  After an electronic preliminary round, students were invited to present their posters to judges from the Oak Ridge Chapter of ASM.  First, second and third place awards were made in both graduate and undergraduate categories, which carried either a cash award or a travel voucher.  

Graduate Students:
1) Daniel Rutstrom (MSE, Advisors:  Zhuravleva)
2) Xuesong Fan (MSE, Advisors:  Liaw)
3) Pengcheng Zhu (NE, Advisor:  Zinkle)
Undergraduate Students
1) Michael Broud (MSE, Advisors:  Keffer & Harper)
2) Alex Greenhalgh (MSE, Advisors:  Keffer)
3) Jake Johnson (CBE, Advisors:  Zawodzinski & Gonega)
Honorable Mention

Reed Bishofberger (Webb High School, Keppens & Mandrus)