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Fall Semester 2022 Seminars


Dr. Bethanie Stadler, September 8th

“Bioapplications of magnetic nanowires:   barcodes, heaters,   biocomposites”

Dr. Robert Cava, September 22

“Finding New Materials-A Chemical Perspective”

Dr. Amanda Petford-Long, October 13th

“Magnetic processes at the nanoscale observed using in situ Lorentz   electron microscopy”

Dr. Trevor Harding, October 20th

Renewable and Biodegradable Polymers via Sustainable Meso-American Agriculture

Dr. Ji-Cheng Zhao, October 27th

High-throughput Experimentation and Holistic Integration with Computational Data for Accelerated Alloy Design

Dr. Greg Thompson, November 3rd

Phase Dependent Microstructures and their Deformation Mechanisms in Transitional Metal Carbides

Dr. Mitra Taheri, November 10th

Advanced Characterization/TEM

Dr. Nitin Samarth, November 17

Epitaxial growth of heterostructures for topological spintronics

Dr. Geoffrey Beach, December 1st

Thin Film