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Materials Camp - ASM Materials Education Foundation

Materials Camp


Who are we looking for?

Any high school student with strong abilities in math and science!

What exactly is the camp?

A week-long opportunity to learn about materials science, failure analysis and materials characterization through hands-on studies at UT Knoxville!

When and where do we start?

June 5-9th, 2017 at UTK Campus in Ferris Hall! Monday-Thursday 9 am – 4 pm and Friday 9 am – 12 pm!

You ask how much?

It’s free with limited room!

How to apply?

Contact Ashley Cole (865) 974-5336 or download the application.


Participate in a week long investigation into the fictitious demise of a leading Materials Scientist who is mysteriously murdered on the eve of his greatest discovery. Use high- tech materials science techniques to come up with your own unique solution to the mystery. Campers get hands on experience with mechanical testing, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray Diffraction, computer aided design, 3D printing, photovoltaics, and other materials science techniques.

Interested in knowing more about a materials scientist? Here are some fun facts about what they do!

A materials scientist is someone who studies the stuff that things are made of, who strives to understand why materials behave the way that they do, and who works to make the materials better.

For example: An aerospace engineer might design a new rocket engine but the materials scientist designs the super alloys that can withstand the tremendous heat and stress!

A computer scientist might design a faster processor but the materials scientist creates the semiconductors and figures out how to make them.

A doctor might design a new artificial knee but the materials scientist designs materials that are strong enough to work but will not be rejected by the body!

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