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MSE 614 Projects in UT Materials Interactive Structure Gallery

The UT Materials Interactive Structure Gallery has been updated with posters and structures from the spring, 2020 offering of MSE 614:  Classical Mechanics:  Simulation and Modeling.  Graduate students from seven academic departments and programs (MSE, MABE, CEE, CBE, Chemistry, Bredesen Center and Genome Science & Techology) pursued a broad range of materials topics using classical Molecular Dynamics simulation.

As only one example, we attach a snapshot from MSE PhD student, Jaswanth Bommidi’s investigation of “Deformation Twinning in FCC Materials”.  In this figure, the color indicates local arrangement of atoms, (blue = FCC, green = HCP and red = non-cubic).


To learn more about all the various projects, visit the links below.


link to the MSE 614 interactive structures

link to the MSE 614 posters:

link to the front page of the UT Materials Interactive Structure Gallery: