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Thomas T. Meek



Dr. Meek earned his B.S. degree at the Louisiana Tech University in Electrical Engineering in 1966, his M.S. degree at the University of Missouri-Rolla in Ceramic Engineering in 1969, and his Ph.D. degree from the Ohio State University in Ceramic Engineering in 1977. Dr. Meek joined Westinghouse Electric Corporation Research Laboratory in 1977 as a Senior Research Engineer in the Ceramics and Glasses Department. In 1981, he joined Los Alamos National laboratory. At Los Alamos National Lab he became a section leader and directed the effort to develop new ceramic processing technology, in particular microwave processing of ceramic and composite materials. He joined the University of Tennessee faculty in 1986.  He has 80 open literature publication and has coauthored 21 patents, including the first patents in the world in processing of high-temperature superconductors and the fabrication of ceramic to ceramic and ceramic to metal seals using microwave energy.  He has a patent in France and one in England. His research interest centers on the microwave processing of materials and electronic properties of materials, as well as acoustic processing of materials.


Electronic properties of materials

Microwave processing of materials

Ultrasonic processing of materials


Ph.D.,  The Ohio State University: Structure Determination of Vitreous Silica Using Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis

Professional Service

American Ceramic Society

SAMPE (executive board member 2001-2002)


“Ceramic-Ceramic Seals By Microwave Heating,” T.T. Meek and R.D. Blake, The Journal of Materials Science Letters, 5, 1986, 270-274.

“A Proposed Model for the Sintering of a Dielectric in a Microwave Field,” T.T. MeekJournal of Materials Science Letters, v.6, no.6, 1987, p.638-640.

“Some Electrical Properties of UO2—Part 1”, T.T. Meek, B.G. von Roedern and M.J. Harris, Transactions of the American Nuclear Society, Vol. 88, pp. 416-418, (2003).

“Some Optical Properties of Intrinsic and Doped UO2 Thin Films,” T.T. Meek and B. von Roedern, P. Clem, and R. Hanrahan, Materials Letters, Vol. 59, Issue 8-9, p. 1085-1088, (April, 2005).

“Refinement of Eutectic Silicon Phase of Aluminium A356 Alloy Using High-intensity Ultrasonic Vibration”, X. Jian, T.T. Meek and Q. Han, Sscripta Materialia, Vol. 54, Issue 5, March 2006, pp. 893-896.

Selected Patents

“Ceramic-Glass-Ceramic Seal by Microwave Heating,” T.T. Meek and R.D. Blake, US Patent 4,529,857, July 16, 1985.  First patent in the world on this subject.

“Ceramic-Glass-Metal Seal by Microwave Heating,” T.T. Meek and R.D. Blake, US Patent 4,529,856, July 16, 1985.  First patent in the world on this subject.

“Synthesis of Ultrafine Powders by Microwave Heating,” T.T. Meek, H. Sheinberg and R.D. Blake, US Patent 4,784,686, (November 11, 1988), First patent in the world dealing with the processing of high temperature superconductors.

“Fabricating Electronic Devices Using Actinide Oxide Semiconductor Materials”, T.T. Meek, M. Hu, U.S. Patent 6,730,538, (May 4, 2004).

“Method and Apparatus of Semi-Solid Material Processing”, Q. Han, X. Jian, H. Xu,  and T.T. Meek, U.S. Patent 7,216,690, (May 15, 2007).

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