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Spring Semester 2022

Dr. William Meier, February 3rd

“A Catastrophic Charge Density Wave in BaFe2Al9

Dr. Vijay Vasudevan, February 24th

“Novel Nickel-Based Alloys For High Temperature Structural Applications”

Dr. Jun Hee Lee, March 10th

“Ultimate-density Atomic Semiconductor via Flat Phonon Bands”

Joy Haley, March 24th

Organic and Organometallic Nonlinear Optical Materials

Stephen Forrest, April 7th

Progress in Organic Photovoltaics for Power Generating Windows

Michele Manuel, April 28th

Designing Intermetallics for Additive Manufacturing

Angus Rocket, May 3rd

Solar Cells: Current Status, Research Challenges, and Examples for Selected Technologies