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Five-Year BS/MS Program in Materials Science and Engineering

Five-Year BS-MS Program

The Five-Year BS/MS program is designed to allow qualifying students to take up to nine hours of approved graduate courses for their MSE and/or technical electives while simultaneously having them count toward a non-thesis master’s degree in Materials Science & Engineering at The University of Tennessee. Admission of students into this program must be approved by the Materials Science & Engineering Department, the Tickle College of Engineering, and the Graduate School.

  • Admission: To be considered, students must have completed or be in the process of completing 96 hours of required undergraduate course work. They must have an overall UT GPA of at least 3.4 when applying and continue to meet that minimum GPA until graduation. Interested and qualified students must have an appointment with the MSE advisor, fill out the Admission/Course Approval Form, and submit it to the advisor. Applications are due on April 15 or November 15, depending on when the student wishes to begin taking graduate courses, i.e., students wishing to begin the program in the fall of their senior year must apply by April 15 of their junior year.
  • Course Approval Course approval can only be given for courses that have been scheduled. Students must submit a new Admission/Course Approval Form directly before each semester they plan to enroll in graduate coursework. Approval to have credit count toward both the B.S. and M.S. degrees will not be given retroactively. Students MUST obtain approval prior to taking a course.
  • Applying to Graduate School. Students admitted to the Five-Year BS/MS program must follow the normal procedure for admission to Graduate School. This includes taking the GRE, submitting an application complete with references, etc. However, students are not required to apply for or accept admission to the MSE Graduate Program in order for the course credits to count toward the B.S. degree.


Hannah Swan
MSE Academic Advisor