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Fall Semester 2021

Dr. Christoph Boehme, September 23rd

“Spin-based Quantum Sensing with Charge Carrier Spin States in Organic Semiconductors”

Dr. John Scully, October 7th

“Origins of Excellent Corrosion and Passivation Attributes of Multi-Principal Element Alloys in Aqueous Solutions”

Dr. James Edgar, October 14th

“Crystal Growth and Properties of Boron Isotope-Enriched Hexagonal Boron Nitride”

Dr. David C. Dunand, October 21st

“Redox Cycling of Metallic Foams for Iron-Air Batteries: Preventing Degradation and Promoting Self-Healing”

Dr. Sergei Kalinin, October 28th

“Discovery of Hidden Physics in (Automated) Scanning Probe and Electron Microscopy”

Dr. Hsin Wang, November 4th

“Next Generation Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators and Reproduction of Cassini-Era SiGe”

Dr. Kevin Roccapriore, November 18th

Discovery and control of emergent quantum phenomena in the STEM