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Prof. T.G. Nieh receives NSF Extension for Special Creativity

Prof. T.G. Nieh has received a two year extension to his current NSF project,  “High-entropy Alloys Strengthened by Coherent Precipitates”, in the Metal and Metallic Nanostructures program for “Special Creativity”. The award recognized Prof. Nieh’s vision and pioneering works on precipitation hardening in high entropy alloys.


For the curious, the NSF description of an “Extension for Special Creativity”, follows.  “A Program Officer may recommend the extension of funding for certain research grants beyond the initial period for which the grant was awarded for a period of up to two years. The objective of such extensions is to offer the most creative investigators an extended opportunity to attack adventurous, “high-risk” opportunities in the same general research area, but not necessarily covered by the original/current award.”


Congratulations to Prof. Nieh!